SNYG’s Solutions
To Realize Customer’s Dreams

Shin’yo Engineering contributes to a wide range of business fields such as the construction, industrial machinery, petrochemical, and environmental field. We offer various services, from the production of specialized materials to product maintenance. At the core of everything we offer and do is the concept of “Supplying Reliable Solutions to All Customers.”
However, as time goes on customer’s problems evolve and diversify. To solve and to cater to these diverse problems, we not only need the knowledge and technology accumulated over half a century, but also develop new technology as well. SNYG continues to offer “The Best Solution to Realize the Customer’s Dreams” by combining the wide range of technologies and products at hand.

Specialized Cladding

Creating New Possibilities for Base Materials
We achieve stable quality by using cutting edge methods like Direct Diode Laser Cladding, and robotic PTA cladding, which leads to high customer satisfaction. These cladding methods still have more potential, so we are always developing new materials. Not only do these new materials enhance the abilities of the cladding methods, but also contribute to cost reduction and extension of product lifespan.
Using excellent surface-modifying techniques that strengthen surfaces to be heat, corrosion, and abrasion resistant, products are able to withstand severe environments, such as petrochemical and nuclear power plants. Our products and services are delivered directly to customers in Japan and all around the world.

Welding Special Materials? Welding Dissimilar Metals?

Welding Different Metals, Can Manufacture of Large Scale Gears
Through the expertise that we have accumulated in the specialized cladding field, we produce Large Scale Gears used in the production of making sheet metal for cars and Gears for Speed Reducers as well.
We produce large scaled gears that have higher accuracy, high durability with light weight using High-Strength materials at tooth surface compared against cast steel.

Environmental Equipment

Contributing to Recycling
In the forging of a recycling-oriented society, Environmental Equipment such as Volume Reduction Compression Machines that smoothly process and recycle industrial waste such as waste paper, waste woods or waste plastics is essential. We have positioned the development of this environmental equipment as the center of our business.
Additionally, as highly durable Industrial Knives for crushing machines, Shin’yo Engineering has developed Hybrid Knives.

Development of New Technologies and Materials

The Development of New Technologies and Materials
Incorporating the technology and skills we have collected over the years through experience with external technology, Shin’yo Engineering is able to produce new technology and new materials.
The development of new technologies and new materials starts off by accurately grasping the customer’s needs. To solve customer’s overcome the subjects they face, we actively incorporate the newest external technology with the technology and skills we have piled over the years. The result of these activities is becoming a consistent new technology supporting SNYG.