SNYG Declaration of Fair Play

SNYG Declaration of Fair Play
  • 1. Basic Principle
    We, at Shin’yo Engineering Co., LTD., strongly hope to keep producing products and providing Technology and Quality that are essential to society, as well as a necessity to Japan’s Industrial field. Additionally, we hope to be an existence that is trusted by all employees, customers, and people in cooperation, makes our company name into the proof of trust. For this, we set here a Declaration of SNYG Fair Play.
  • 2. Policy
    1.Business and Production of our company is judged and thought based on priority of SLQDC (Safety → Law → Quality → Delivery → Cost)
    2.Engage Technology and Quality with a humble attitude, based on the “Fair Play” spirit
    3.Being conscious about “Declaration of Fair Play” in all business aspects, we check all our actions and judgements based on the SNYG’s Declaration of Fair Play.
October 1st, 2014
CEO Mitsuru Tsujino