Message from the CEO

“Dreams and Challenges create Technology , Technology creates Trust and Value”
Always having this Corporate Slogan as our core value, Shin’yo Engineering provided services as a consulting and engineering company that specializes in abrasion resistance measures for over 50 years.
We at Shin’yo Engineering perform a wide variety of following services; The production of large scales valves of switching units in hot stoves’ for the steel works industry, as well as the development of wear and abrasion resistance cladding technology for a wide variety of equipment. In the petrochemical field, the development of crackles wear and corrosion resistant material cladding technology of the parts for Fluid Catalytic Cracking units (FCC) . Production of Large Scale Gears used for Press Machine of making sheet metal of cars, or Gears used for Speed Reducers (up to 35 tons) . These are achieved by unmanned or labor saving production actively utilizing Robot.
In addition to conventional hard facing technologies we developed ultra-wear resistant carbide technology (QuickTip, ROCK-WEL), providing high-value added products to our customers.
With the rising of environmental problems, Shin’yo Engineering has started contribution for the recycling society with the environmental equipment. Using our weld cladding technology, we provide environmental equipment and maintenance service , such as Volume Reduction Compression Machineries.
To grasp accurately the various demands of future Society and to reply the demand for new material and products, Shin’yo Engineering has equipped cutting edge equipment, such as 6kw semiconductor laser cladding equipment in 2014, additionally the same system in 2017 aiming to be an enterprising company.
Shin’yo Engineering continues development towards its higher technical capability introducing overseas technology based on its motto “Customized Cladding for Industries” , provides new materials and new products, as well as the latest cladding technology to a variety of areas and fields around the world.
CEO Mitsuru Tsujino

Company Profile

Company Name
Shin’yo Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • [Headquarters and Kobe Plant]
    3-6-5 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-City,Hyogo,650-0047 Japan
    TEL: +81-78-306-0515 FAX: +81-78-306-0516

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  • [Tokyo Sales Office]
    Maruzen Otsuka Building 7F-C, 3-34-7 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0005 Japan
    TEL: +81-3-3982-3788 FAX: +81-3-3982-3633

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  • [Hokuriku Plant]
    103-1 (In ‘Ao Industrial Park’), Ao-machi Nishi, Nomi-City, Ishikawa, 923-1101 Japan
    TEL: +81-761-58-6870 FAX: +81-761-58-6860

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April, 1959
¥30 million
Mitsuru Tsujino
  • Qualifications
  • ISO9001:2015 Certified ISO14001:2015 Certified


Jan. 1959 Established in Amagasaki as a business centering on manufacture and sales of specialized welding rod, specialized cladding
Feb. 1963 Shin’yo Trading Corporation is established
May. 1994 The Hokuriku Plant is established to center on the production of products for system technology and industrial gears, to expand both divisions.
Jun. 2000 Form a technical alliance with Cutting & Wear Resistant Developments Limited, becoming the first company in Japan to hold the license to use the wear resistance material Quick Tip Start the production and sales of the Carbide Dispersed Cladding Material, ROCK-PLATE
Nov. 2001 Company name is changed to “Shin’yo Engineering Co., Ltd”, Hokuriku plant is expanded
Sept. 2003 Capital is increased to 30,000,000 Yen
Apr.2004 Start the production and sales of The Hybrid Knife for Industrial Use, ROCK-CUTTER
Jun. 2006 To increase the production capacity of large scale industrial gears, add machining building to Hokuriku plant
Dec.2007 Hokuriku plant acquires ISO9001: 2000 certification (04649)
Jul. 2008 Headquarters and main plant moves to Kobe Port Island (Phase 2)
Dec. 2008 The entire company acquires ISO9001: 2000 certification (04649)
Jul. 2010 The entire company acquires ISO14001:2004 certification (06524)
Apr. 2012 Engineering department is established to focus on developing new materials
Mar. 2014 6kW Semiconductor Laser Cladding system and Scanning Electron Microscope are installed
Feb. 2017 Hokuriku Plant acquires adjacent plant (approximately 3305.79m² )
Dec. 2017 4kW Semiconductor Laser Cladding system is installed
Jul. 2019 Formed a capital and business alliance with Toritani Welding Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2019 Construction of 2nd Factory in Hokuriku plant has finished.
(Floor area 1,037.90㎡, 30t crane x 1, 4.8t crane x 2)
Jul. 2019 Installed machining center with five-face machining equipment HF-6M
(manufactured by Shin Nippon Koki).
Kobe Plant
Hokuriku Plant