Product List

  • Quick-Tip
    Iron Production

    Quick-Tip (Abrasion Resistant Material)

    Ultra-wear resistant Tungsten Carbide tips and self-fluxing alloy come together as QUICK-TIP, licensed under the UK based company, Cutting & Wear Corporation. With excellent adhesive strength, it is able to protect surfaces of any shape from abrasion. By changing the adhesive material, even highly corrosive areas can be protected.
    Iron Production

    ROCK-WEL (Super Wear Resistant Welding Method)

    Super-hard alloy overlay welding system that equally distribute and fuse two types of hard particles onto consumable parts, which undergo continuous running under severe conditions. Highly resistant against wear caused by impact, by only changing the matrix material, the product will be resistant against corrosion in high temperatures as well.
  • Other Products for Steelworks
    Iron Production

    Other Products for Steelworks

    Using our technology such as ROCK-WEL and Quick-Tip, we produce highly abrasion resistant products that withstand the harsh environment inside of Steelworks.

    ROCK-CUTTER (Hybrid Knife for Industrial Use)

    Surface cladded with SNT01, our original cladding material created for the surface modification of knives. Through special heat treatment after machining, product hardness increases.
  • SNYG Extruder

    Volume Reduction Compression Machine (SNYG Extruder)

    Extrusion nozzles used are adjustable and interchangeable.
    Even with high water content waste, it can be compressed into pellets of high density.
  • Other Environmental Products

    Other Environmental Products

    Today, lots of waste is discharged in our society.
    Various waste processing plants are using our products!
  • SNYG Extruder
    Welding Special Metals

    Large Scale Industrial Gears

    We produce Large Scale Industrial Gears by welding dissimilar content of steel!!
    Utilizing know-how cultivated in the field of special welding, can welding is adopted for large gears used in sheet metal presses for automobile body lines and large reduction gears.
  • SNYG Extruder
    Other Industries Fields

    Variety of Industries

    SNYG’s products are used in various areas of industries!!